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Anonymous asked:

Hi! I was wondering if you could help me figure out which form of perfume I should go for. I am absolutely 100% IN LOVE with Imogen Rose, but of course it's the most expensive one. I think the rub-on sticks are the cheapest, but how well do they work, and how long do they last? Is it more cost-effective to go with a different kind? Thank you sooo much :)


The stick work lovely but you need to put it on the areas of your body that will help produce the perfume smell! These are the wrists, behind the ears, cleavage/chest area, inner thigh, and back of the neck! I also use the long spritzer in my hair to help the scent linger :)

Hope that helps!

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lizziebeenimble asked:

Hello! I hope you're having a lovely week! I thought I would ask you if you know of any Lush products for the care of sunburned skin, whether it be for immediate post-burn care or for skin that has just had a lot of sun exposure over the years. Thanks!


Hi, I’m having a lovely week! Tiring but lovely! I hope you are doing well yourself :)

Now for post sunburn care I’d recommend spraying the body lightly with Breath of Fresh Air Toner water to instantly cool the skin. The lavender and aloe will bring down redness and heat while the rosemary and thyme will be antibacterial and cleanse.

Next you’ll want to put a good amount of Self Preserving Dream Cream on your affected areas. Cocoa butter and oat milk are lovely for sore skin and will keep your skin from drying out/cracking/peeling.

A lovely product for helping relieve skin from sun exposure is Full of Grace serum. It has rose petals to reduce redness and soothe skin, portobello mushrooms to nourish the skin with tons of antioxidants, and mumuru butter which helps with cell turnover and is known to help reverse the effects of sun damage! WHICH IS HELLA COOL.

Stay beautiful!

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