alonleyspoon asked:

Hi im new to lush products, & ive heard about it for so long and heard such great great things. Anyway I just moved and found a lush store like 10 minutes away..but getting to the point could you please reccomend your favorite products? c:

Flying Fox Shower Gel

Ocean Salt Face and Body Scrub

Therapy Massage Bar

Sympathy for the Skin Body Lotion

R&B Hair Moisturizer


Sex Bomb Bath Bomb

allawonda-piloncycle asked:

Hi, I sent you a question about two weeks ago and I understand that you where moving and all, that's not why I'm here.. I was thinking about it and how it might've came off rude or negative. I just wanted you to know that I wasn't in any way trying to bash Lush or it's products, I'm a huge fan of them ( I just bought a jar of karma kreme ) and I've also bought tons of soaps and bath bombs.. I just couldn't figure out why the golden egg one made my skin itchy as I'm not allergic to glitter.

I didn’t find it negative so don’t worry! Our glitter is made out of seaweed and it dissolves away after awhile so I would be surprised if it was that, It is the same scent as Honey I Washed The Kids soap so maybe on your next trip to Lush have them try it on your arm and see if you have the same reaction. If you do it will be a little easier to track down what might have made you itchy!