firestarlight asked:

What Lush hair products would you recommend for someone that has seborrheic dermatitis on their scalp?

A clean scalp is essential to preventing flare ups with seborrheic dermatitis. You usually want to an antibacterial or anti-fungal shampoo for this. I would recommend out Squeaky Green Shampoo bar. It’s packed full of cleansing and clarifying nettle and rosemary that will keep your scalp feeling fresh and clean. From experience I also know topical hyrocortisone products work as well! (I used to have this issue as well :P)

Once every week for 4-6 weeks you can also use Superbalm, our scalp treatment, to soothe and nourish your scalp!

Hope that helps!

notmisterdarcy asked:

Hey Momo, my boyfriend has been dealing with some lower back pain, so I was wondering if there's a massage bar you could recommend that doesn't smell too sweet? (In other news, on my last trip to lush, a dad told his son not to touch anything because it was "all girl stuff." *INSERT ENORMOUS EYEROLL HERE*)

WICCY MAGIC MUSCLES YAY! It will help soothe the pain away! All the cinnamon and peppermint will be very good for muscle pain.

Also….*takes that dad’s gender norms and THROWS IT ON THE GROUND*

girlonthebalcony13 asked:

Can you tell me the difference between a shower smoothie and a body conditioner. I always thought they did about the same thing.

A shower smoothie is a lathering soap based product that you can wash, shave, and moisturize with all at the same time. A body conditioner is a lotion-esque product that you put on your skin after scrubbing/washing and then rinse off like a hair conditioner.

Hope that helps!

Anonymous asked:

I bought a few bars, two for my hair one for my face. The pink calamine bar for my face seems to be getting these little yellowish beads all over it the longer its out and suddenly my face is completely broken out. Am i supposed to keep the products refrigerated? Covered? Help! :)

I am guessing you are using Fresh Pharmacy. You do not need to keep it refrigerated or covered, mostly it just needs room to dry after using it with water. If it looks/feels weird to you and/or your face had an adverse reaction to it then you can bring it into your local Lush and exchange it for something else! We want you and your skin to be happy! Let a Lush employee know what’s going on and they will take care of you!

Hope that helps!